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Pomp, Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital is super bullish on Africa.

Over the last weekend, Anthony Pompliano well known as Pomp, co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, father and avant-garde of the crypto community on twitter took time on his popular podcast to answer his listeners’ questions on that episode. Selecting questions randomly from twitter posts, he asked listeners to drop their questions under the post. I was fortunate enough to have had my question answered as I asked Pomp what Westerners views are on crypto adoption in Africa, and his personal view on the African economy.

Pomp shared his insight on what the Westerners think about crypto adoption in Africa and as well, his personal opinion on the African economy, cryptocurrency and Blockchain adoption. As he discussed, he posited Africa will be one of the most important continents in few years to come, based on its rapid growth and for the fact that it is still in its development phase. For that, he believes the intellectual curiosity in the people of Africa will compel them to develop Africa with decentralized systems as it is much needed on the ground for its development. For that Pomp, he thinks crypto adoption and the use of Blockchain technology in Africa can take over the rest of the world. As in the US, Pomp said crypto investment and usage are based on speculations but the young entrepreneurs growing up in Africa regard crypto as a real deal as they find ways to make things work.

Pomp shared his mind-blowing two weeks experience on his visit to Africa three years ago as he described how he was carried away by the pace Africa is setting, revolutionizing the way we live and how intellectual curiosity in the field of technology is driving the young Africans. He shared his experience on his visit to Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria well known as African boom city and the computer village, an ICT accessories market located in a community called Otigba in Lagos. Lagos is the most popular city in Nigeria and since 2017, the fastest growing city in the world. Pomp thinks Africa as a continent, in terms of development is still young and with most of the tech companies eying Africa and projecting the current growth of the African economy, he is super bullish on the whole African continent.

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