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Binance To Launch Futures and Margin Trading with Up to 20x Leverage

Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) went down yesterday held in Taipei, it is one of the well-known content public Blockchain conferences in the world and the largest forum in Asia it featured over 100 speakers and more than 4,000 attendees to discuss the Blockchain as an emerging real world application.

During the summit the world largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume and transparency,  Binance  announced that they will be launching futures trading soon which Changpeng Zhao known popularly as CZ binance , the founder and CEO of the exchange gave an exhibition  on a screen to show the audience. He showcased the trading interface on a screen and said they will be starting with Bitcoin and later advanced it though he said he did not have the actual date that they will be launching it but he said the actual work and it test net is on its way maybe two weeks from now. Having said that binance is already planning to launch its margin trading within this month of July, which the future contracts with up to 20x leverage will follow suit.


This year Binance has added a lot of features to its platform including new projects and product. Just so you know Binance BNB coin is the top best performing altcoin this year and Binance DEX gaining popularity as well so I believe binance new initiative will continue to put it on the map,  is also a boost for the crypto space because once binance are adding new product it means more Liquidity on binance as well as the virus spreading on the Crypto/Blockchain space too still thrives on.

The industry keep getting better and stronger just so you know more adoption too.

I Am CryptoRas

Feartured  Photo Binance Twitter Handle.

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