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March 29, 2020
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Ghana included in Top five Countries in the World Googling about Bitcoin in 2019

Google analytic data on searches relating to Bitcoin is said to be heading up towards it monthly peak and increasing 35% high. Unlike 2017 searches, this year 2019 searches are still unable to mount up to the 2017 the enthusiasm people used to search Bitcoin, that is definitely because bitcoin rally this year is not up to the 2017 yet and after 2017 the cryptocurrency market had seen a drastic decline which turned most people off. According to google data analytics on the searches on Bitcoin, the world top five countries searching Bitcoin includes; Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland and Ghana accordingly and am not really surprise that Africans are picking the pace, because we really need to regardless. Google trend data for bitcoin seems to be low as compared to 2017 that is because the fire to kick in for crypto prices and when it start it will trend as expected.

Well for the past weeks the cryptocurrency market did some fascinating upsurge and even over the weekend when people thought we were waiting for a pullback till the next uptrend it never did the momentum and the uptrend continues massively regardless of any other sentiments and speculations. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has seen massive gains in price and value and as at now for one Bitcoin hangs around $11300 and other cryptos has reached their year to date high in price including Ethereum. The crypto market seems to be in it recovery still for most altcoins, having said that am glad to see a lot of African countries patronizing because it seems most of them, they really don’t see the good side of Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrencies, most of them have experiences of scam and Ponzi schemes while that it still part of the industry we still need to come to the realization that, there are more to the industry than the negative side that we see and the fact that our governments warning to us that we deal in businesses relating to cryptocurrency at our own risk.

To me I see a lot more goodness than the bad, I have seen people life change through this industry and I have seen some visionary people trying to take it upon themselves to educate people on the industry and build projects in Africa relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Recently, Ian Balina , a Ugandan national who worked for IBM in the United States life changed through the industry and as he gained a lot of followers he toured almost all over African countries to create awareness  on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain including Ghana. To me he is one icon in the crypto space from Africa and he is impacting his knowledge, trying to build projects etc. Not only that I have come across a lot of Ghanaians, Nigerians and South Africans who have got visions to take this industry on a whole different level in Africa.

Just in case you don’t know what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain entails relating to Bitcoin, and its capabilities,  apart from the negative media speculations , I urge you to sit up and research about it, it has got a massive potential to change the world and how things work in the next few years to come.

I Am Crypto Ras.

feartured Photo by Victor Kwashie on Unsplash

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