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How Blockchain Technology will Revolutionize Our Current Social Media

In 2017, a survey found out that millennials spend 5hrs to 8hrs a day on social media, which will involve reading, texting, interacting with families and friends, putting up content, etc, but have you ever asked yourself whether all the time we are spending there is worth? With all the energy we expend, time wasted and the huge sums of money we pay for the internet every month without even incentivizing those who put up contents every day; is that all worth it ?. These are not the only problems, there are tons of problems that the current social media comes with which makes it vulnerable for some people to get involved.

Lack of Privacy And Selling of Individuals Data to Other Companies.

Misusing of people’s data by selling to other companies is one of the most chancy situations I have always thought about in the sense that, to be able to use social media you are required to use your personal or private information to set up your profile which may include birthday, name, location and other very personal information that no one would be happy if it goes out. On the contrary who cares?it seems they sell these personal information to other companies or people to use that information for their own personal gains, just like collecting your information based on, location and activity and what interest you just to interrupt you with adverts and you being a target for those who boost their paid post. It entirely seems once you put information there, you offered it for free to them to make some bucks from it and that you have no control over that info you put out there it is basically not private again.

Centralization, Lack of Proper Monetization, and Transparency.

In our Millennial generation, almost the entire people on social media right now lost their privacy to an extent that, sometimes the tech algorithm knows us better than ourselves. It creates automatic adverts base on what interests us sometimes games that predict jobs for us, our behavior, who we are likely to marry among our friends base on our personalities. Perhaps, this social media algorithm knows us more than ourselves. To some extent, we are to follow terms and conditions that tell us they might have to share some of our private information for their own purposes and what we can enjoy and what we cannot, what we will get from following these kind terms and policies like features that we will enjoy and the consequences of violating them so basically everything that goes on with our social media what we want to see, what we want to engage ourselves in is entirely not in our control;it solely depends on the owners of the social media fully centralized as we don’t have control over anything. Mostly the excitement people get from interacting with family and love once get them carried away and it makes them not look at how they offer almost everything they are supposed to keep private free for these social media which is fully centralized and that you have no control to delete any of these data you share with them. According to some tech gurus, even google listen to our calls and record them, as a matter of fact, it is not only google, I believe others do too which endangers our privacy as humans.

On the other hand, people spend hours, creating and putting content on these social media platforms. Except for a few of them now, most social media platforms if you put contents you are not incentivized with anything just the hustle of doing it for the people who need it. Sometimes, apart from paid adverts and some sponsorship content creators get nothing from these social media platforms like Facebook. Most often people pay to even reach their audience of interest which makes it looks apparently the opposite like its name goes social media.

I believe these platforms could turn their selfish interest aside and make all these hours millions of people waste on their platforms worth it since I see no transparency; maybe a little reward as an incentive for posting and creating content that make the platform interactive. A little reward for the compulsory adverts, a little reward for the time we waste there watching adverts or maybe a little reward for misusing our privacy which I believe should be a choice whether a person decides to share/sell their privacy to these platforms or not.

How Blockchain Sets As Free And Incentivize us

Blockchain has come to mean different things to different people, at first we only thought of cryptocurrencies and things relating to our financial world but today we have seen its potency is limitless and as a decentralized database it can decentralize everything in the world that affects our socio-economic life. Ever since Blockchain was embraced we have been seeing a lot of incredible changes it does in whatever industry or tech it is being applied to. One of it all is social media, a decentralized database it revolutionizes the whole idea of social media and makes it great and fascinating by giving people privacy back to them, decrypting private data, incentivizing both content creators and readers as they like contents and comment, decentralization on social media platform as to what to take public and what not to as well as being able to delete any private information if necessary as you wish. Blockchain-based social media gives users their privacy back, reward artists, and quality content by paying them. Both likes and comments are being monetized so the time you waste there are somehow being paid for. No compulsory adverts and if any you are being paid after all.

See below some of the incredible Blockchain-based social media that you can get paid for using them as well as be in charge of your privacy and data;


Steemit is a Blockchain-based social media that grows community and flow of revenue possible for users by rewarding them for content creation/sharing powered by a social app and incentivize community with a cryptocurrency. Founded in 2016 by Tech giants Ned Scott and Dan Lerimer , steemit was built on Blockchain and rewards users with cryptocurrency through a vote online for the best content and posting of meaningful content like news, question, and answers and maybe contents relating to jobs inquiries, etc. Votes cast by the community determine how a particular content will get incentivized, the greater the number of upvote for meaningful content, the more steem cryptocurrency is being paid to the publisher. So basically, if you create contents you should be trying to check steemit out as you can be paid per the quality of your content and after the vote there is no bias the algorithm base on the vote determine the amount of steem crypto you will be paid. Already millions of content creators are using this platform and tons of proof and testimonies from publishers getting paid. Over $22 million paid to their users and content publishers.

Social X

Social X  is an incredible platform where Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp likewise are integrated and that users can get paid for sharing photos, videos, messages, live streaming and almost combining youtube integrated into a more decentralized Blockchain platform where users can share everything they choose to and getting paid as you choose to sell these photos and videos willingly and have full control of your privacy. The platform is completely decentralized, built on top of Blockchain as users get paid for using it.


Earn seems to be the replacement of LinkedIn where a paid emailing system is introduced so basically you can be hired on the platform base on your skills to complete micro tasks and get paid as well as build your profile for people to see who you and your profession, therefore you can be offered opportunities there whether being a job outside the platform or completing micro task there to get paid or maybe receiving paid messages, these are all features included. A Blockchain-based platform that operates similarly like LinkedIn by completing micro tasks on your smartphone and getting paid.


Obsidian a privacy-focused decentralized (open source) project that gives its users an absolutely private and secured messaging platform for conversations. It offers a powerful end to end encryption that ensures messaging and information shared are received by only intended recipients. The platform comes with auto-deletion of charts, photos and videos shared and they make sure it is not shared by any other third party. It uses ODN cryptocurrency for transactions within the platform I believe people who want too much of privacy for themselves with business transaction and private messaging these could be the best choice.


Indorse is a decentralized professional network marketing platform built on Ethereum Blockchain, with a new model of tokenization to certainly influence positively the aspect of social marketing by using smart contracts. Indorse promises a hundred percent to let users own their privacy and data and at the end of the day profit by sharing their skills and work activities on the platform and then get paid. Maybe on the real the mode it operates looks like an advanced LinkedIn where people can showcase their work and skills like maybe a coder can put up work for deals and appointment. A sales company can put up a product and share how effective and some proof to pitch for their company. The platform is powered by the IND Token(indorse token).


Powered by ONG cryptocurrency to reward its users, 200 million tokens are locked up by the strategic OnG.social team to reward users on the platform. It is a community based decentralized platform with absolute privacy that rewards users’ content through Blockchain. Their focus is more on community building, privacy, encryption and to be able to reward users with quality content.


Props is a  media ecosystem that is more focused on rewarding their users by making them stakeholders of their project whereby a lot of activities taken place on the platform like playing video games, sharing any other valuable content that makes you have a stake in the network to earn cryptocurrency. It was founded in 2011 by Adi Sideman. They require community building with users.


Manyverse is a decentralized gossip platform that works a bit different, the social media app does not require the Blockchain for it decentralization instead it uses Scuttlebutt protocol which allows users to use it even when they are offline so that when they are back online the network will synchronize the update and takes it online. Enabling users to post and share content on the nearby internet users,it also aims to locally enable users to store all information locally on their phone without putting on the network.

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