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Abra Wallet Announced you can now Invest in Stocks and ETFs Through Bitcoin.

Abra is a digital investment wallet provider that deals in all  in one Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. The app is available both on iOS and android and provide users with buying and selling options as well as holding  Cryptocurrencies . Their main goal is to make digital investment easy and convenient. The app is used in over 155 countries and they introduced to  users  and their investors a zero trading fee throughout  the rest of 2019 using cryptocurrencies.

According to a press release on February 6 , 2019 ,The  Abra financial service and technology company announced to include stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to their services. Where users and investors can invest and buy stocks along with ETFs through the use of Bitcoin and smart contracts Blockchain networks. This feature allows you to invest in leading stocks including; Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon and different other commodities as well as some indexes. They unveiled this investment model to their users and referred the model to as the C3s (Crypto Collateralized Contracts).

The Blockchain technology is still making waves regardless of crypto prices and this is one of the catalyst  that will move the industry forward as well. I like the fact that we are seeing such huge initiatives early in the year as the industry still thrives. This tells you how to picture the industry in the next few years to come. What this initiative means is that every stock, bond, currency, commodity using this kind of crypto business model will be tokenized. When this happen our long awaited dream of tokenizing everything that affects our lives , our well-being will start working step by step. And I hope a catalyst like this moves the industry forward.

I Am Crypto Ras.

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