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2019 the year for Bitcoin Accumulation

Over the past few months, the Cryptocurrency market has suffered a massive downtrend until now that it seems to be somewhat stable. Though the market now seems to be stable, there are skeptics whether we have hit the bottom or not and that fact that liquidity and volatility of both Bitcoin and alts are down. For the past four months, volatility index grew almost 4 times from the lowest it went last year, and this year as at now everything is uncertain as to whether volatility is really growing or we are stuck where we are. Well, a lot of traders had to quit because of the market crisis but the few traders that are left to thrive by learning everything the hard way. Though the market is bad because of what the traders endured they are still learning, losing money and sometimes they making money regardless of all odds. The past year was full of desperation for people who expected so much and they got beaten up by the market.

What I Have Learnt So Far About The Current Market Condition

2019 is a  new year and although the market is not volatile as we are expecting, it looks like now that the prices are cheap is an opportunity for institutional investors and yes everyone who has plans to get into the market. One of the catalysts that could move prices are institutions getting into crypto to invest. Though we can’t tell if this really could be the bottom, it is a good time to start buying using the DCA method (Dollar Cost Averaging ) and I mean this not financial advice, just my opinion. The thing about the financial market is that we don’t go all in, manage your risk, don’t be greedy, stop thinking of getting rich overnight, and learn more about trends and when you keep winning don’t feel complacent. One thing people should have in their minds is that the Blockchain industry is yet to get amazing; forget about coin prices, there are more and more amazing innovations. Though Bitcoin price keep dipping, people are intrigued by the technology and its innovation than coin prices and that will make the future incredible. Beyond anything, we have seen up to that date more and more innovations are happening , though coin prices are stuck and keeps dipping. That is to tell you that you can be bullish on the Blockchain space; forget about prices for a moment this technology has so much potential!. The next stage of crypto will be people moving their assets from Bitcoin, XRP, ETH  to more technologically advanced  Cryptocurrencies in my Opinion.


History does repeat itself all the time, some few checks I did about the bitcoin trends made me understand that traditionally Bitcoin start pumping around one year on average before its halving date and the next estimated halving is expected to be 2020 May, which means the uptrend will begin soon maybe from this year’s May that is what we call the consensus pump. Even if the uptrend fails to happen this year, that will be cool since we will be sitting in this accumulation zone for some time. Every trader who knows about the psychology of the market cycle will side perfectly well with me that per what we have on the Bitcoin chart we are actually in the accumulation zone. Report from Coinbase custody, Fidelity Digital Asset and Bakkt say that more and more people are getting into the crypto market taking bigger positions including institutions than we are thinking. I believe the hardest part of the market is done, this just the boring accumulating part which is the best time to take chances. We are not specific about anything but the next years ahead of us will be full of amazing stuff in the space. With all the negative news on the media, we are still thriving and where we are now and actually you have a few months to buy this dip so that we moon together. Let’s keep being positive, prices in the next years to come will surely shoot up.


This is not financial advice so before you base on this content to invest, do thorough research yourself.

I am CryptoRas.

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