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Russia to Invest over $470 billion in Bitcoin

The Russian government is set to buy over $470 billion worth of Bitcoin as reserves and hopefully, $10 billion is expected to be bought in the first quarter of 2019 said Russian Economist, Vladislav Gingo in a tweet on 06 JAN 2019. In spite of the US sanctions on  Russia, the Russian economy standstill trying to turn over the sanctions into something more interesting to fight the American economy in their diplomatic war. Confirming that the Russian president Vladimir Putin in a recent speech stated emphatically that they are combating the Dollar and soon instead of Russia moving away from the dollar, they will rather move away as they are planning to find an alternate currency reserve self-sustaining without the need for dollar

One of the main catalysts that will push the whole Blockchain industry forward as well as Bitcoin, I believe will be the government’s adoption. I believe if the next thing in crypto could be this, then after Russia takes such a conjectural step, other countries will follow suit. Vladislav Gingo continued to confirm this again on our very own John McAfee tweet by confirming what he said even though the Russian government itself has not confirmed it. But I believe this isn’t something they will like to put out. So basically Russia does not hate Bitcoin and the fact that the US SEC delaying in approving Bitcoin ETFs is a sign that maybe because of the trade war they delay these Bitcoin ETFs to protect the Dollar. A lot of people know the world’s fiat is soon collapsing and having money saved in there is not a good idea, the currency is a form of trust, trust in the item you are buying as well as the entity that issued the currency, but people in power have manipulated the currency supply for their own gain breaking that trust.

As we hope for this to come to pass as Putin’s government sets to buy BTC as reserves to combat the US dollar as a result of trade wars to strengthen their economy, this could be the next big thing in crypto if it happens as early as the first quarter of 2019.

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