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Black Friday as Stocks , Oil And Futures continues to Decline

The year 2018 has been a very bearish year for the stock market as it continues on this Black Friday. Facebook, Apple, Netflix   and Google have lost almost   $1 trillion in value since  their  52 weeks high.  Public equities in the past months have been losing value and investors as well, a clear indication of Global Equity pointing down as it loses value. On the other hand, oil prices have been struggling all over within the year, on this black Friday as it hits its lowest price of the year. Having said that there is a trade war between the U.S and China   right now as they plan to settle it with a talk next week in Argentina G20 summit . As the state of the market right now, investors are nervous as to where everything is headed as Volumes as well grows thin. Global stocks in decline with most sectors closing red since the beginning of the year inclusive this thanksgiving, yesterday as well today Black Friday, as at now the market sentiments are still full of doubt and fears as to whether any growth will occur in the Global Financial Market with such crisis.

Stock Prices as at now

For the China U.S   trade war, it expected that next week, the G20 summit which will happen in Argentina,  Buenos Aires the two countries will settle this trade dispute affecting the financial market. There is exclusive attention on it right now as investors tend to expect a positive outcome other than what’s weighing the global financial market down and sparks fear around. China wants this dispute settlement to be mutually beneficial to both countries as it expects the U.S Trump administration to abide.

On the other hand, on this Black Friday retails Stocks and Futures will catch attention as investors will hit them for their Black Friday deals. As on Thursday, the stock market in Europe closed in red as volatility increased and more money lost in the European stock market as it underscores. On the currency market the US Dollar as at now beating the EURO, GBP, NZD, and CAD. As we are still in a tensed market condition.


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