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Tether (USDT) the US Dollar backed Cryptocurrency company burns 500 million tokens

Tether (USDT) the US dollar backed cryptocurrency company on the  24th October announced that they had burn 500 million tokens ,preceding they held these tokens in their company controlled wallet called the tether treasury .

And now over 600 million tether tokens are out of the market  .

This happened after the first time   in 2018 the tether token slipped below $ 1 .

After the token got burnt over 2 billion dollars has dropped   from the total market  capitalization.

They did burn the 500 million tokens    to redeem its slip below $1 and  to trim down too much supply that was beating the  demand .

They described this process of burning these 500 million tokens as redemption.

In this redemption process the remaining tether tokens left in the ‘tether treasury is over 466 million USDT.

There is a speculation that the transfer was done from   Bitfinex one of the biggest exchangers in the crypto space their company controlled wallet.

The reason for burning the token from Bitfinex address was   that Bitfinex is one of tether main customers and so they coincide partially with management and ownership of tether .

They referred   this burn as redemption, redemption here means  the amount of tether in circulation beats the demand and so destroying a reasonable amount to stabilize too much supply beating the demand will sustain the price without further slip.

They made this transfer (burn) visible to be seen on the tether blockchain ‘The OMNI blockchain explorer ‘

Check it out;


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